6 Breathtaking Places in Oceania

Oceania is famous for its beauty and for a good reason. There are sights that take your breath away, national parks, caves and beaches unlike anything else in the world. Traveling through all of Oceania takes time and money only a select few can afford. In order to enjoy the highlights, you should visit these six places.

Ayers Rock

It is also known as Uluru, which is its Aboriginal name. This rock formation is sacred to the Aborigines of the area, the Pitjantjatjara Anangu. Ayers Rock is one of, if not the, most recognizable landmarks in all of Down Under. The temperature in the area can drop under 40°F only during the month of July. It is home to many Australian animals, like frogs, reptiles, snakes and several endangered mammals. The Anangu are allowed to keep hunting several animals, including the red kangaroo and emu.


If you are looking forward to enjoying a trip to an island, we recommend visiting Tasmania. It is located about 150 miles south of Australia. It is known as the 26th largest island in the world and it is relatively more hospitable when compared to Australia, at least in terms of climate. Famous actors that originate from Tasmania are Simon Baker, Essie Davis, and Errol Flynn, among others. It is also the only home in the wild to the famous Tasmanian Devil.

Kakadu National Park

The Kakadu National Park is co-managed by its native owners – in fact, more than 50% of the park is under Aboriginal ownership. It is dedicated to protecting nature and preserving it in its original state. The park covers a large part of Australia. There are over 10 000 crocodile species in the park, as well as 280 different kinds of birds, along with a couple of thousand plant species.

Do not be afraid if you come across a termite mound that is higher than you – they can reach 19 feet in height. If you are lucky, you can get a free guided tour by the rangers. Visiting the park itself costs about $25 per person.

Christmas Island

Every year, over 100 million crabs move from the jungle to the sea in order to breed and have their young. It is a natural phenomenon not present anywhere else in the world. This is just one of many wonders you can expect to find on this island. It has been a fascinating place for scientists, naturalists, and enthusiastic adventurers alike. The beaches are rocky, and most of the flora is rainforests.

Waitomo Caves

Tourists that enjoy natural occurrences will simply love the Waitomo Caves. There are two levels of the caves, with the upper level being the one more accessible and, therefore, more visited by the tourists. You will see some wonders in spite of the darkness – there are glowworms that give the impression of small and distant stars. These worms are carnivores, but are also resilient – they can go without food and water for a long time.

Mount Cook

This is the tallest mountain in New Zealand and its 12,316 feet high. The Maori call it Aoraki, which means cloud piercer. Because of its height, Mount Cook is always covered in snow and ice. At the base of the mountain, you will find the Mount Cook village.

According to the Maori legend, this mountain came to be when a boy named Aoraki, along with his brothers got stranded in a canoe. The boys tried to stand on the tallest part of the canoe, but the winds from them and turned them to stone. Aoraki was the tallest, and his brothers became the Southern Alps.


Traditional Australian Dishes

Australia has no shortage of wonders. The beaches, the heat, the locals and the exotic animals are just some of the reasons to visit the Land Down Under. What you don’t hear about as often as you should is the Aussie food. We hope you enjoy our selection of the finest traditional Aussie dishes. There is more to Australian cuisine than putting shrimp on the barbie.


We know that this dessert is named after the ballerina, but the origin of the dessert is a bit of a controversial topic, as both Australia and New Zealand claim it as their own invention.

Regardless of where it truly comes from, Pavlova is a delicious dessert made from meringue that has a soft crust and whipped cream with fruit on top. Of course, there are several variations when it comes to fruit used or personal preferences regarding other ingredients, but this dish is something everyone would love to have at their dinner table.

A Burger with “the Lot”

This dish is simply a must for people who like to top their food with an incalculable amount of toppings. There are barbecued meat, sauce, and salads, but what separates this burger from those all over the world is the addition of exotic ingredients, like pickled beetroot and a slice of pineapple.

Meat Pie

When we talk about pies, we usually think about crunchy crust and meat, cheese or fruit filling. However, in Australia, meat pies are somewhat different. Each pie is hand-sized for easy consumption, filled with meat and gravy, and topped with tomato sauce. If this isn’t enough to sustain you throughout the day, we recommend sampling the gourmet version. In addition to previous ingredients, there are also peas and potatoes.


Barramundi is actually a fish that can be found in Queensland. It is also known as the Asian sea bass and, besides Australian dishes, it is very popular in Thai cuisine. It is perfect for fans of seafood and those who wish to have a meal that is both delicious and healthy.


You may have heard of Marmite before. If you haven’t, Marmite is a British food, spread on bread and made from yeast extract. Vegemite is the Australian version of Marmite – apart from the extract gained from leftover yeast after the brewing process, it contains various vegetables and spices. We also recommend trying out AussieMite and Promite.

Fairy Bread

This dish is very popular at children’s parties. It is bread, cut out in triangles, spread with butter or margarine and covered with hundreds and thousands. It has a striking combination of sweet and savory, and its appearance has certainly justified the name.

Iced VoVo

Not many dishes are as Australian as an Iced VoVo. It is essentially a wheat flour biscuit with some raspberry jam and coconuts. It has become an inseparable part of the Australian cuisine in 2007 when then-PM Kevin Rudd made a comment about having a cup of tea and Iced VoVo before going to work.

Lamb Leg Roast

While other countries have their own recipes with the lamb roast, Australia has seen to it to make this dish their own by covering the lamb leg with juices containing rosemary, garlic, and olive oil. The dish is served with baked potatoes.


Raising Money with Games of Chance in Australia

Gambling laws and regulations in Australia have always been strictly regulated if permitted at all. Each state has its own set of rules regarding games of chance and skill. What about games that are there for raising awareness and funds to combat a certain issue? Surely, a fundraising event would be permitted no matter what, even if there are games of chance involved to promote a cause, right? It’s actually a little bit more complex than that.

Games of chance that are typically conducted at these events are bingo, raffles, and lucky envelopes. Most people are familiar with these forms of gambling and don’t consider them “bad”. That’s also why there are so many sites like bingo-bonus-code.co.uk offering online bingo promotions. We are going to discuss what sort of permits you need in order to conduct these games in New South Wales, Queensland and Victoria. Some are fairly simple, while others may seem like a bureaucratic nightmare.

New South Wales

Because the term ‘charitable purpose’ can have several meanings, there are four groups of such fundraisers:

  • Financial relief,
  • Education,
  • Religion, and
  • Community.

New South Wales requires you to possess something called the Authority to Fundraise for Charitable Purposes. After you have obtained this permit, and the process of approval lasts around 28 days, you can apply for a Permit to Conduct Fundraising Games of Chance. Another 28 days later, you should have permission to organize a raffle or bingo with all profits going to the charity of your choice.


Queensland is a bit more flexible on the issue of gambling for charity. There is a huge number of game categories, and some of them require a license. We will focus our attention on Special Category 3 Games, which are conducted in a one-time fashion to raise funds to help victims of natural disasters, or other individuals. To hold a game of chance in this fashion, you need the Special Category 3 gaming license. It lasts for 4 months, there are no fees when applying, and you can’t transfer this license onto someone else.

Alternatively, you don’t need a gaming license if your club generally does charity work and gives regular contributions. If this is the case, you can conduct raffles and lucky envelopes provided the gross profit doesn’t exceed $50,000. If you want to know more about Queensland regulations, read up on Charitable and Non-Profit Gaming Act 1999, Charitable and Non-Profit Gaming Regulation 1999, and Charitable and Non-Profit Gaming Rule 2010.


Victoria will have you jump through a few hoops before giving you permission to conduct games of chance that are charitable. Before you apply for such a permit, you must submit an application to obtain a minor gaming permit. You must also submit any amendments that might occur in your gaming event and your application must take place at least 21 days before the event is scheduled.

Additionally, the Victorian Commission for Gambling and Liquor Regulation, or VCGLR, is the one who decides whether your event will take place. You must prove yourself as a charitable organization or a registered political party before you can conduct any games for charity.


5 Australian Tech Companies to Keep Your Eye On

Australia offers more than just a warm climate, delicious food in unseen combinations, natural wonders, and adorable marsupials. Australia is also pretty developed in terms of tech companies. There are several companies that you should pay close attention to, in case you want to present yourself on the market. Bear in mind that there is a multitude of factors to consider or ignore, so this list might be somewhat subjective.


Intuit wants its clients to know what it’s all about with just its name. They create intuitive solutions for your phone and the web, creating software specifically for handling finances and accounting. Their clients are both individuals and companies. While the HQ is in California, in the US, the Australian branch is worthy of consideration on its own. The employees are consulted monthly and healthy lifestyle is promoted in the office.


Canva was founded in 2012 as a graphic-designer company. The startup has shown amazing promise, with now 200 employees and great profit margins. There are negotiations underway to make the Canva tool integrated with Dropbox.

Furthermore, if you have a need for designers to work on your business cards, icons, posters, logos, brochures and invitations, the company has an amazing selection at your disposal. There are even several learning tools that you could use in your profession.


Travello is an app for travelers. You can organize a trip with your friends, or plan a solo journey with a friendly face in certain key areas. Another feature of the app is to find recommendations regarding what sites to see, where to eat and sleep, and much more.

The team behind this app consists of seven people altogether – two travelers, three developers, a tech lead and a commercial director. These go-getters have shown us what it means to find a problem and offer a solution to it, as the app is perfect for family vacations and backpacking.


This company is based in Melbourne, but it has offices in New Zealand and the States as well. The idea behind the services provided by the company is to allow its customers to pay for goods and services in 4 simple installments. This is perfect for people who are lacking in funds right now, but are definitely getting paid within a few days. They have come up with almost $35 million last year, with the company itself worth a little bit less than $150 million.


GO1 is a relatively young company. They have been around since 2009, and their goal is building a good education platform. There are over 1000 courses you can access to help train yourself or your employees. You can also create your own training courses and quizzes. The website also features articles on a multitude of topics. As a modern company, GO1 has a strong media presence and they keep their users up to date with announcements and news. They are located in the Underwood, Queensland.


There are certainly plenty more of the finest tech companies in Australia. Some are recognizable brands, while others earn a great deal of money. There are also exciting startups with new ideas and services. The Australian tech market will keep evolving. It is just a matter of following these changes closely.


How to Start a Freelance Career in Australia

The beauty of freelancing is in the diversity and in the freedom it gives you. You can do whatever you are good at and get paid for it, and you can do it whenever it suits you best.

However, to do it successfully, and stay out of trouble (especially in Australia), there are several things that you need to pay close attention to when starting out. Check out the rest of the article to find out what these are!

Get an Australian Business Number (ABN)

An ABN is a must if you plan to be your own boss in Australia. This 11-digit number is issued by the Australian Business Register and it will become your new business identity. You will use it to identify yourself when you are doing business, but this number is also necessary if you are getting paid via invoices.

To obtain it, you should go to abr.gov.au. Here, you can fill out the form required to get an ABN and answer several questions. If you plan to work by yourself without any employees, make sure to state you are a sole trader.

Learn How Invoices Are Created

A good idea to make sending invoices simple is to have a .pdf file template which you will then fill out on a job-to-job basis and send it to clients who require it. Every invoice needs to contain the following pieces of information:

  • Your name and surname
  • ABN
  • Your contact details
  • The name and contact details of the company you’re dealing with
  • A description of the work you’ve done
  • Bank details
  • The exact fee or hourly rate and hours worked
  • Payment terms

Find Out Whether You Need GST


In case you are making more than $75,000 a year doing freelancing, you’re obviously doing a very good job! However, in that case, you also need to register for GST and start paying taxes on your earnings.

When you register for GST, include it in your invoice as part of your service. That way, you will not have to pay it out of your own pocket but your client will cover it. The important thing is to pay it regularly to stay out of trouble.

Find a Comfortable Working Environment

Working in freelancing means that you will have to constantly motivate yourself to work. Any distractions, which your home is full of, will make this job a lot more difficult. Therefore, a good idea is to find a cozy coworking place, or a nice and quite local cafe, and start working from there. This will do wonders for your productivity.

Interesting Facts About Sydney Opera House

The Sydney Opera House is one of Sydney’s most famous landmarks and the core of the city’s cultural scene. The performing arts facility is most definitely a fascinating building from both a historical and architectural point of view, which made it one of the most visited and photographed buildings in the whole wide world.

History and location

The opera house is located on Bennelong Point in Sydney Harbor in Australia and work on the building first started in 1959, when the base was put together. However, construction work per se only began in 1962 when the designs by Danish architect Jorn Utzon were ready. The official opening took place on October 20, 1973, and Queen Elizabeth II herself was present on the floors. The whole project took 14 years to build and cost a whopping $120 million.

The impressive architectural design with ancient and modernist influences challenged all engineering knowledge at that moment and put some limits to its functions, like the fact that it’s impossible to house a grand opera for its opera stage is too small.


It has, however, seven performance venues. These are the Opera Theatre, Drama Theatre, the Concert Hall, a Playhouse, The Studio, the Forecourt and the Utzon Room, along with bars, restaurants, and even a recording studio.

The 2,679-seat Concert Hall is the largest venue and is designed for symphony concerts, choir performances, and other music shows. Meanwhile, the Opera Theatre hosts dance performances and the other smaller theatres are usually used for film screenings, stage plays and smaller musical performances. Outdoor performances take place on the Forecourt.

For those who don’t know, the multipurpose complex is home to Opera Australia, the Sydney Theatre Company, the Sydney Symphony Orchestra, as well as The Australian Ballet. The sail-like building is 187 meters long and 115 meters wide and was erected on 5.798 hectares of land. Most impressive, it sits on a pillar that is said to be the biggest free standing column in the world.

Other facts

Over 8.2 million people come to Sydney to visit the Opera House every year and the performance venues within it host together more than 1,500 performances a year, with more than 1.2 million people in attendance.

The Sydney Opera House is currently managed by the Sydney Opera House Trust and, as of June 28, 2007, it became a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

So if you ever happen to visit Sydney, make sure to go see the Opera House. Besides its majestic architecture, it is one of the most sophisticated and complex entertainment venues in the world. Moreover, the Sydney Opera House organizes daily tours of the building for tourists, who can then just take a walk back towards the city center through the Botanic Gardens.

What Is the Royal Society of Tasmania

The Royal Society of Tasmania has been around for more than 170 years and has done a lot for Australia. This is the first such society founded outside of the UK, which makes it quite special.

Its main mission is the advancement of knowledge on the island. However, its goals and the most important work include:

  • Promoting Tasmania’s scientific, historical, and technological knowledge, with the benefit of Tasmanians in mind.
  • Providing advice for Tasmania-related issues.
  • Cultivating the public engagement of Tasmania in the search for knowledge.
  • Recognizing and supporting the academic excellence of Tasmania.

How It All Began

The Royal Society of Tasmania was founded on October 14, 1843. The founding happened at a meeting that was led by Sir John Eardley-Wilmot, who was Lieutenant Governor at the time.

At first, the Royal Society was founded as the Botanical and Horticultural Society. The first goals of the society were to develop the physical aspects of the island, as well as showcase its productions and natural history.

Since the society was created under a special act of the Tasmanian Parliament, it could create its own by-laws.

One of the biggest early merits of the society was founding and developing the Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens. They also founded the Royal Society of Tasmania Museum, which houses natural history pieces, as well as contemporary art pieces.

In 1934, Jane Ada Fletcher, an ornithologist, was the first woman to give a public lecture for other members of the society, which was a big moment for the Society’s diversity and recognition of women.

Today, Kate Warner, governor of Tasmania, is the patron of the society.

The Royal Society Today

In 2017, the society had approximately 350 members from all over Tasmania and all walks of life. The meetings are usually held in Launceston and Hobart. The society is led by a council that includes both ex officio and elected members. There are no limits to who can and cannot become a member of the royal society, as it is open to everyone.

The Royal Society of Tasmania is quite active and organizes a lot of activities where it works on its goals and gathers its members. Some of the more common activities include lectures, panel discussions, excursions, symposia, as well as numerous publications.

For its most successful scholars, The Royal Society has bursaries and awards, which allow them to further develop their knowledge and expertise.

There is also an annual journal published by the society called Papers and Proceedings of the Royal Society of Tasmania. This is a peer-reviewed journal where its members can publish their theoretical work.

The Royal Society of Tasmania Library

Another big accomplishment of the Royal Society of Tasmania is the library its patrons and members have established.

A new library was opened in 1930, which housed more than 20,000 books at the time. Today, that number is substantially larger.

The location of the library today is the Morris Miller Library in the University of Tasmania. The library keeps many of the most important written works of the society’s members, along with other books on science and other bits of knowledge.

Is Gambling Legal in Australia?

Australians have been called on several occasions “the world’s biggest gamblers,” which might be an indication that gambling laws in the country are on the liberal side. And indeed, there is no law to prohibit gambling services in Australia. Residents are free to try their hand at the game of chance of their choice both in brick-and-mortar casinos and online casinos.

So the short answer to the question posed in the title is that it is completely legal for people to gamble in Australia. And it seems that locals do not hold back at all, as the country has the highest gambling rate in the world, with more than 80% of adults in Australia engaging in some kind of gambling activity. Many of them use sites that detail promo code conditions, such as american-bets.com, even though they are from foreign countries.

As for gambling laws, regulation of the Australian gambling industry is done on two levels: the central government supervises the activity and is responsible for amending relevant general laws, while different regional authorities deal with regulation at state and territorial level. Some of these include: ACT Gambling and Racing Commission, Licensing Commission in Northern Territory, New South Wales Office of Liquor, Gaming and Racing, and more.

It’s also important to mention that winnings from gambling in Australia are not taxed mainly because gambling is considered just a hobby, not a profession, so any gain from this recreational activity does not qualify as income, and because the government does tax gambling service operators.

Real-life Casinos

On the territory of Australia, there are numerous licensed brick-and-mortar casinos where people can gamble legally. These venues usually offer poker games, as well as table, cards and electronic games. Besides that, video poker machines (known as “pokies”) and slot games are also a common sight in bars, pubs and clubs all over the country.

Online gambling

Currently, online gambling operations are not legal in Australia. This is due to the Interactive Gambling Amendment Bill of 2016, which was passed in 2017. The act basically prohibits online casinos from providing gambling services over the Internet to Australians. Exceptions can only be made if the player presents a license issued by the Australian government in this respect.

However, there are enough gambling operators based overseas that do accept Australian customers. This means that people who really want to go online to quench their thirst for gambling, have a lot of options at their disposal.

Authorities in the field believe that online casinos will be legalized sometime in the future, especially considering that, at the moment, the government is losing significant amounts of money in tax revenue to offshore operators.

Sports Betting

Under the Interactive Gambling Act 2001 (IGA), it is illegal to offer or advertise “real money” online interactive gambling services, including here casino games and online poker. However, not all online gambling is banned, as sports betting through licensed operators is permitted as long as the betting is done before the start of the sporting event. This means that live “in-play” betting is considered “interactive”. Nonetheless, Australians can engage in live “in-play” betting through overseas betting providers.