Australian TV Shows You Should Watch

Australia has an abundance of TV shows. There are dramas, comedies, family-friendly series, and more, available to those interested in Australian culture, or anyone who enjoys quality television. Here are a few Australian TV shows you should watch – you won’t regret it.

McLeod’s Daughters

This TV series became an instant hit around the world. It features two sisters, who are nothing alike, called Claire and Tess. They are doing their best to protect and run the ranch in the Australian outback with all the difficulties that endeavor entails. There are conflicts within the family, wildlife emergencies, love interests and more.

Though there were several changes to the cast, including the main characters, the show was on air for solid eight seasons, with the final episode aired in 2009. It is still a heartwarming story worth your time.

Summer Heights High

This mini-series is perfect for fans of mockumentaries that can relate to usual high school problems. Chris Lilley is the writer and star of the show set in a fictional school. The show mainly follows an eccentric Director of Performing Arts, a delinquent, and an exchange student. While Summer Heights High doesn’t really exist, the show is filmed at a real school property, and it features real students as well as actors.


“Everybody needs good neighbours”, as the series intro suggests. It is a soap opera that has been on the air for more than 30 years, and it’s easy to see why. Though it is a soap opera, the characters are relatable, as teenagers and adults face difficulties we experience every day.

The story is set in a fictional location called Ramsey Street, Erinsborough. It originally started with three families: the Robinsons, the Ramseys, and the Clarkes. As the show progressed, however, it became necessary to swap families and bring in new ones in order to keep the story fresh.


Sometimes, there is a need for a quality TV show that is educational and makes learning fun for the little ones. Enter Scope, a children’s TV program about science. It is thirty minutes of fast-paced educational action, as the host leads children on a trip to the discovery of things we take for granted, like the food we eat, famous athletes, the technology used around the world, and the infrastructure. In case you want to educate children yourself, the Scope website features video clips and teaching materials.

Play School

There is another educational TV show for kids and this one made it into the Logies’ Hall of Fame for running for more than fifty years. It is a lighthearted program with fun activities, songs, and themes for the week, like dinosaurs, art, games, and so on. The show is aimed at preschoolers and it is a wonderful way to educate your children and protect them from inappropriate TV content.

Four Corners

This is one of those shows where binge-watching will bring you no joy. Four corners is not a sitcom or a drama. It is a documentary program, intertwined with investigative journalism and breaking news. It broadcasted many stories that sparked controversy, like the treatment of Aboriginal Australians in New South Wales, as well as the influence of fossil fuel lobbyists on the climate change policy in Australia. They covered interviews with former members of the Church of Scientology, as well.

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