Raising Money with Games of Chance in Australia

Gambling laws and regulations in Australia have always been strictly regulated if permitted at all. Each state has its own set of rules regarding games of chance and skill. What about games that are there for raising awareness and funds to combat a certain issue? Surely, a fundraising event would be permitted no matter what, even if there are games of chance involved to promote a cause, right? It’s actually a little bit more complex than that.

Games of chance that are typically conducted at these events are bingo, raffles, and lucky envelopes. Most people are familiar with these forms of gambling and don’t consider them “bad”. That’s also why there are so many sites like bingo-bonus-code.co.uk offering online bingo promotions. We are going to discuss what sort of permits you need in order to conduct these games in New South Wales, Queensland and Victoria. Some are fairly simple, while others may seem like a bureaucratic nightmare.

New South Wales

Because the term ‘charitable purpose’ can have several meanings, there are four groups of such fundraisers:

  • Financial relief,
  • Education,
  • Religion, and
  • Community.

New South Wales requires you to possess something called the Authority to Fundraise for Charitable Purposes. After you have obtained this permit, and the process of approval lasts around 28 days, you can apply for a Permit to Conduct Fundraising Games of Chance. Another 28 days later, you should have permission to organize a raffle or bingo with all profits going to the charity of your choice.


Queensland is a bit more flexible on the issue of gambling for charity. There is a huge number of game categories, and some of them require a license. We will focus our attention on Special Category 3 Games, which are conducted in a one-time fashion to raise funds to help victims of natural disasters, or other individuals. To hold a game of chance in this fashion, you need the Special Category 3 gaming license. It lasts for 4 months, there are no fees when applying, and you can’t transfer this license onto someone else.

Alternatively, you don’t need a gaming license if your club generally does charity work and gives regular contributions. If this is the case, you can conduct raffles and lucky envelopes provided the gross profit doesn’t exceed $50,000. If you want to know more about Queensland regulations, read up on Charitable and Non-Profit Gaming Act 1999, Charitable and Non-Profit Gaming Regulation 1999, and Charitable and Non-Profit Gaming Rule 2010.


Victoria will have you jump through a few hoops before giving you permission to conduct games of chance that are charitable. Before you apply for such a permit, you must submit an application to obtain a minor gaming permit. You must also submit any amendments that might occur in your gaming event and your application must take place at least 21 days before the event is scheduled.

Additionally, the Victorian Commission for Gambling and Liquor Regulation, or VCGLR, is the one who decides whether your event will take place. You must prove yourself as a charitable organization or a registered political party before you can conduct any games for charity.


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